Mister White is a DJ baptised in old Brooklyn who has embarked on an odyssey to change the way we hear and feel via the fabled pads of the Akai MPC and it’s kin. As Hip-Hop and Beat Culture is the preeminent Pop Cultural DNA that mutated across the globe, this is where Mister White chooses to operate.

No matter the equipment, his devotion is to unique sounds and to bonding over them; creating community around them. He has had residencies and guest appearances across the East Coast and South including in NYC at Kind Regards, Make Believe, Better Days, and Bossa Nova Civic Club.

He is currently building a production collective and fledgling label dubbed “In The Clouds NY”. ITC is meant to evoke the headspace one may find themselves inside of while experiencing musical bliss; like you’re “in the clouds”. Throughout 2019 and beyond, you can expect Mister White to continue the ITC culture from

hip-hop to house to the future.